Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pass Out in Style

Scenario: You're at the mall (Hurray! You've finally gotten out of bed!). All of a sudden, POTS comes up and wham, you're on the floor. You don't want people rifling through your Louis Vuitton bag trying to find your pills, so you have a badass medical bracelet with your meds and condition engraved. GENIUS!!

In a sorority and need an extra charm? This will fit fantastically on your Tiffany bracelet.

Manly? Pull off that mysterious "I have an illness but also a nice watch" look.

For those times when you really want to faint at a fancy dinner party!

This is for me in brain fog

And an assortment of bracelet choices. I like this one best:

Just for humor's sake. You never know what people wearing happy face accessories are really capable of...

These babies are all at If you see anything with rhinestones, please feel free to send them my way. Do you have any recommendations for fun medical bracelets?

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