Saturday, January 16, 2010

Look Out - I'm Wheeling Around!

Today was the 1st day in a week that I've left the house for anything unrelated to doctors and hospitals. My husband and I made it to Target, where we ran in for 15 minutes and then head back home, where I proceeded to be completely exhausted.

Proof I left the house:

I thought I was doing pretty well in the cart until I ran into one of the isles and took the bumper (?) off the bottom. Luckily husband saved the day and fixed it before anyone saw.

What's the etiquette for returning the cart - do you have to bring it back inside, or can you leave it in the parking lot like any other cart? And if you have to take it back inside, doesn't that defeat the purpose that you can't walk, therefore can't walk back to the car after dropping it off? These my friends, are the amazing things I'm learning each day.

After going 4 months without caffeine, I also gave into having a sweet tea, which I think resulted in my total downfall. I guess sugar + caffeine is not welcome in my body anymore. Not the best idea I've ever had.

Also, last night I had a conference call where I completely (TMI?) sweat through my clothes. It's not hot inside. I proceeded to jump in a cool bath where I started to freeze, hopped out crawled out, and got hiccups. Then I got hives. What's the deal, nervous system? Why do you always want to be on the outs? Let's make peace for a while.

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