Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Excited To Take Your Pills

Ok, I'm pretty sure this is for dogs, but how amazing is this. It's a BONE. And a PILL ORGANIZER. And it has POLKA DOTS. Probably not the best idea if you have a dog who might think this looks delicious, but you will never mix this up with your grandma.

This is pink. That's enough for me.

A personalized bling pill organizer case. Perfect for nondescript awesomeness.

This was made out of pill boxes, but it's a cute idea for someone crafty.

Sleek! You could probably engrave your name on the back, in case you're lost in brain fog and forget your name and your pills.


  1. You might be interested in the highly decorative pill organizers listed here:
    They can be customized, too!